The predecessor of Immanuel Lutheran College was Immanuel Lutheran English Middle School which was run by the South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission inside a private mansion in Kwun Tong, Kowloon. It was small and facilities were inadequate. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm and dedication of teachers deeply impressed parents and the Education Department. In 1978, it was asked to become a caput school and before long, it was further invited to become an aided school. The transition was completed in 1982. 

However, due to limitations of the school building, the learning environment and facilities could hardly be upgraded to the level of a standard aided secondary school. In order to improve the situation, South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission was advised by the Education Department to phase out Immanuel Lutheran English Middle School and start a new school in the New Territories. Eventually, Immanuel Lutheran College was established in 1983.

In the first year, ILC had only S.1 and S.4 but she developed gradually to become a full secondary school with all levels from S.1 to S.7 in the following years.

There have been many improvements in our campus environment and teaching facilities over the years. From the 1996 summer to the fall of 1997, a large scale school improvement construction project was carried out to put up a new wing at the main entrance. When it was completed, more rooms were made available for various activities and the working conditions for teachers had also been made better. Furthermore, in order to catch up with the fast growth of Information Technology, a computer network system was installed to connect all computers in the school, and multi-media projectors were installed in every classroom and special room. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) was set up too. Teachers and students could then enjoy this information technology freely on the school campus.

In the aspect of student growth, we are still aiming at fostering their all-rounded development in their intellectual, social, physical and spiritual dimensions. As a development of students’ capacities and abilities, a Student Union was established in 1991 and in 1995, four houses, Samuel, Enoch, Esther and Deborah were also set up. Through their participations, students have opportunities to plan programmes and run activities on their own. In the process, they can cultivate their potentials in various aspects and experience gained would be most precious to them.